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The VP1243 Family [Function: Active transporters] Seed alignment | Full alignment

Vibrio parahaemolyticus is a significant Gram-negative halophilous pathogen. As a result of the consumption of seafood, it may cause a harmful seafood-borne illness in humans. In addition, it causes a wide range of disease in aquatic animals. Avoiding the use of antibiotics, VP1243 is a protective antigen which showed a high effective antimicrobial activity against the mentioned organism. VP1243 is widely distributed and highly conserved among the major Vibrio species. VP1243 is considered as a hopeful candidate against the Vibrio infections. Western blotting analysis revealed that VP1243 is an outer membrane protein. The first 19 amino acids function as a signal peptide according to SignalP. VP1243 forms 10 transmembrane ß strands based on PRED-TMBB2 prediction.

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